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Hoa! (โฮะ!)
(Northern Thai/ Lanna)
Mixture – by having varieties of available ingredients mixing together to make soup. You may add seasoning or ingredients as wish!

Chiangmai as now is the combination of picturesque foothills nature, charismatic traditional culture, historic temples and architectures as well as the rapid-growing city and art scenes. Together, Orange, Sanchai, Kanaet and Mauy, local street artists from the northern city, seek to portray the current scenes of Chiangmai in various dimensions, performed by their unique characters. It is the mixture of aesthetic, symbolic, imaginative and provocative arts based on the urban context they mix in.

Please come and experience the mixes at GOJA Phrakanong!

Opening : Friday 2nd October 2015, 19:00 onwards
Exhibition : 3rd October – 1st November 2015