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‘An antithesis plays with complementary opposites to create a more vivid meaning, a strong contrast using two divergent elements together to conceive a new uniform whole.’


Hailing from Spain, Sabek and J.M. YES both began their self-taught artistic journey experimenting among friends through graffiti.

Focusing on large-scale murals, Sabek uses imaginary references based on nature and animals in relation to the environment in which he usually works: urban landscapes. In addition, J.M.YES takes on a geometric language that leaves the viewers total freedom to make their own readings and interpretations. Play on lines, colorful shapes and tangents that refer to inherited alphabets.

For ‘ANTITHESIS’, the Madrid-based artists blend their styles into a single visual language that also communicates with the local environment of Bangkok; and more specifically with Chinatown and of course Cho Why.

In the entire space will predominate the use of the black colour as the protagonist in the compositions of Sabek and fundamental elements by YES JM to understand the figure without the distraction of other colors.

As a kicker to what will be showcased inside Cho Why, the outer facade will also mutate, being seized with a collaborative mural covering up windows and doors.


*This project is kindly supported by the Embassy of Spain in Bangkok in collaboration with AECID Cultura.

Cho Why is a collaborative, cross-disciplinary project space in Chinatown.

Address: Soi Nana 17, Pom Prap Sattru Phai,
Bangkok, Thailand 10100. (MRT Hua Lamphong)

For further details about this space, please contact: