Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets Grade 6 Cbse

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Rule 3: The verb in one or, or, or, or not/or sentence, corresponds to the noun or pronoun closest to it. Examples (b) A singular subject is sometimes confused as plural, for example. B when it starts with (one of, either, ni, ni, etc.). Remember that they should be considered singular. Each of you is wrong. None of them work here. One of the teachers teaches English. 3. For other irregular verbs, the three forms are different, for example, waking up – waking up/awakened: I will wake you up.

(Infinitiv) I woke up in the middle of the night, the baby woke up. (past participation — perfect present) I was woken up by a loud noise (past participation – passive) Exceptions (i) The verb “to be” and its forms are exceptions to this rule: he is a friend. I am your friend. They are friends. 4. .

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