Shared Care Agreement Scotland

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Sometimes it`s hard to give patients as much information or help as you want to make decisions due to the strain on your time or the limited resources available. To contribute to this, you must consider the role that other members of the health team could play and other sources of information and assistance available. Examples include patient information brochures, advocacy services, expert programmes or self-help groups for people with certain diseases. The court judge also noted that, for the census of night care, it is necessary that the child be at the same address as the non-resident parent, but that it should not be limited to the usual address of that parent. The notions of “shared care” and “shared parenting” are also attractive insofar as they move away from the notions of residence and “contact” which are evocative and which probably designate a hierarchy of status between the respective parents. After separation, the proverb of “father of the weekend” is no longer appropriate in many cases. Shared care, if voluntarily agreed between cooperative parents, can be extremely beneficial both for the child concerned and for separated adults. However, there is a better approach to promoting such agreements than giving parents a legal reason for them. Leading experts are in favour of normally shared care being better than any other convention in which a parent does not see the child so often. With the exception of cases of abuse or inappropriate behavior on the part of a parent, this should be the norm in our time. While it may represent some challenges in the development of the business in practice, other countries have shown that it can work successfully.

There are opposing arguments in favour of a presumption in favour of shared care. Decisions about responsibility for further care or treatment after diagnosis or initial assessment should be based on the best interests of the patient and not on your comfort or the cost of the drug, as well as monitoring or follow-up. This is probably closer to a concept of “shared care” which consists of dividing up the child`s week, for example three nights a week with one parent and four nights with the other, or spending alternating weeks with each parent. In many cases, parents can enter into a joint care agreement between them, sometimes with the help of specialist family lawyers, mediators or both. . . .

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