School Ict Service Level Agreement

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Here are some facts about our service level agreements: Where there is to be a price change from the current year, the prices of our services will be distributed to you no later than November 30 in the current duration of the service contract. Rolling contracts have been introduced to protect the rights of workers who, if there is a change in service provider, can be transferred in accordance with tUPE legislation, and also to reduce administration. All unsused service items listed in this agreement. ICT services will not raise incidents for these elements. In some cases, assistance may be granted when an additional fee is to be paid. This document contains a complete description of ICT services for ALS schools for the year ALS 2018/19. The following services are included, elements can be highlighted to provide you with more detailed information. However, if you no longer wish to purchase any of our services, please let us know in writing by by December 31st during the duration of the current contract. The effectiveness of ICT is essential to the proper functioning of the school. This service is designed to equip schools with all the essential elements needed to perform effective back-office processes within your school. This service provides support for your network of administrators, including computers, antivirus protection and SIMS support and training.

Subscriptions to schools that subscribe to this service are entitled to 30 hours, including SIMS training (in a central location) each subscription year. You can find specific descriptions of SIMS support and Internet services (ISPs) on their own separate pages. If you do not inform us by then, we assume that you would like to continue to buy back these services for the next fiscal year. Q How do I know if service prices are changing? The detailed service level agreement document contains all details about this service, including all inclusions, exclusions and service standards. This is what you will find below on this page. If you want to continue with our services, then you do not need to order these services and they will simply continue for the following year. Please note service items for SIMS support and ISP support for certain exclusions. Some excluded items may be available for an additional fee.

This service also offers two important advantages for the security of your computers and users, the first being anti-virus licenses. The tax contains a license for all computers in your school system to use the McAfee anti-virus product. These include the machines in the program network, whether or not they are supported by ICT Services. The second benefit is the Impero EdProtect product, which helps schools meet their prevention obligation to ensure the use of ICT in schools. We believe that the life cycle of all tic equipment will always require a level of monitoring and maintenance and, when the time comes, the devices will need to be replaced and disposed of. Consumables are not covered by ALS. Consumables include printer inks and USS batteries. Ask your IT provider for more…. Why not take up the challenge? The Commission has implemented information management and technical assistance contracts. Therefore, if you agree to update or get new devices: security breach that affects the well-being of employees or students – Target response time is defined as the time between receiving the call and the time a member of assistance-technician begins to deal with the problem. Because of the wide variety of problems and the methods needed to solve them, response time is NOT defined as the time between receiving a call and solving problems.

Devices not supported – these are all devices that are not specifically covered by ICT services. Computer equipment (iPad.B, iPods and documentary cameras), originally acquired through grants or direct service funds, are replaced by appropriate recycling systems and are treated as secondary investment devices when additional grants or departmental funds are not

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