Life Insurance Proceeds Buy-Sell Agreement

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Disadvantages of a cross purchase contract. There are usually two disadvantages of a cross purchase contract, although both disadvantages can be mitigated by careful planning. Handicap. The parties may, separately from the other grounds for termination of employment contract, deal with the transfer of shares if a shareholder has to terminate his employment relationship due to a disability. The company or other shareholders may wish to take out disability insurance to provide funds for the purchase of a shareholder`s shares in the event of an obstruction. The taxation of insurance proceeds is reduced. Pursuant to Section 101(a), receipt of income from life insurance is not subject to income tax unless the policy is transferred in exchange for valuable consideration. When a policy is transferred for valuable consideration, the acquirer (new owner) acknowledges the difference between (1) the amount of death benefits paid to the new owner after the death of the insured and (2) the amount paid for the acquisition of the policy, as well as any subsequent premiums paid by the new owner, as taxable income. X gives Y a directive on X`s life in exchange for $US 100,000. Y will then pay $US 100,000 in premiums before raising $1 million in insurance income. It would recognize $800,000 in taxable income ($1 million $US least $US 200,000).

It is also possible to interpret Regulation 20.2031-2(h) by simply requiring that the shares first be offered to the company or remaining shareholders at the transfer price in effect in the event of death. If the offer is rejected, the shareholder should be able to sell the shares for more. A right of pre-emption in the company and/or the remaining shareholders at the contract price – even if the price of a third party is higher – probably means that the deceased is not “free to dispose of the underlying securities during his lifetime at any price he chooses”. 4. If the purchase price was formulated on the basis of comparisons or valuations (contrary to a formula such as book value chosen for reasons of “convenience”, as decided by the courts in the book true and estate of Lauder); Other objectives of a buy-sell agreement. In addition to determining the value of shares for estate planning purposes, other objectives for structuring a purchase-sale contract are typically: (1) creating a market for the owner`s business interests (e.g.B. by the requirement of a sale in the event of triggering events such as death); (2) provide a price and conditions that are pleasant for both parties (e.g. B to reduce litigation and friction); (3) facilitate the sound management and control of commercial interests; and (4) provide cash to the family of a deceased owner in lieu of non-negotiable shares. (6) whether the agreement provides for a periodic re-evaluation of the price; In accordance with Section 2703, purchase-sale agreements for valuation purposes are not considered unless all of the requirements described below are met.

An important point in the application of the section 2703 tests is that an agreement is considered fulfilled as the three tests when it exists between people who are not part of the family of the contemptuous and if the non-members possess more than 50% of the value of the object. Fortunately, there are several exceptions that allow a transfer of value without taxing the insurance proceeds. Exceptions applicable to a purchase-sale contract include the transfer of a policy to (1) the insured, (2) a partner of the insured, (3) a partnership in which the insured is a partner or (4) a company in which the insured is a shareholder or officer. Value transfer problems are less common for share repurchase contracts than for share transfer contracts, since an insurance policy may exceptionally be transferred to a company in which the insured is a shareholder. 8. Whether the agreement provides for payment terms for the purchase of interest from a deceased person on the market. . .


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