Ipo Agreement

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Lock-in agreements are legally binding contracts between sub-authors and company insiders, which prohibit them from selling shares for a certain period of time. The period can be between 3 and 24 months. Ninety days is the minimum duration set in Rule 144 (SEC), but the blocking indicated by the sub-authors can take much longer. The problem is that if the lock-ups take place, all insiders can sell their shares. The result is a rush of people trying to sell their shares to make their profits. This oversupply can put a lot of pressure on stock prices. In addition, if the IPO/SPO structure provides for a guarantee from the issuer or an additional indemnification obligation to the underwriters with regard to their costs and possible losses resulting from the transaction, the transactional factor of the interested party may arise in the context of the subscription agreement. In this situation, the selling shareholder, within the meaning of Russian company law, may be considered to be interested in the transaction, depending on the extent and conditions of the indemnification undertaking or guarantee and the commitments he has entered into. This may lead to the necessary approval of transaction documents by unin interested shareholders.

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