Find The Error With Subject-Verb Agreement. Select The Incorrect Verb And Type It Correctly. Quizlet

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In some nations, a monarch today is simply a ceremonial figurehead with little political power. But in others, it is the monarch of the country who is responsible for the management of the government. All the sentences in this exercise are in the present. Write correctly for each sentence if the verb in italics matches the subject in person and in number. If the verb does not match the subject, write the correct form of the verb. Look for the error with the subject-verb agreement. Select the wrong verb and type it correctly. For winter construction, serve the grilled cagesChickensandeseandesequesadillasEitheroftles offers come with asidesalad When you`re done, compare your answers with the answers at the end of the page…. The Rainbow Lorikeet, a parrot found in the Solomon Islands, is named after the color palette on their feathers In the U.S. judicial system, a jury hears the final arguments before retiring to a separate room to deliberate privately. Inside the atomic nucleus, each proton and neutron have roughly the same mass….

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