Facebook Ads Data Processing Agreement

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In this case, you would be the data controller, which would make you accountable for the data you use in all the tools you use. You`re responsible for your Facebook Custom Audiences, so you`re responsible for collecting and using them. Facebook, on the other hand, is the data processor, as they provide the tools that allow you to deal with these target groups on their platform. Data protection is central for Facebook companies (Facebook and Messenger, Instagram, Oculus and WhatsApp). We comply with current European data protection legislation, including the GDPR. Our preparations for the GDPR were managed by our Dublin-based data protection team and supported by the largest multi-function team in Facebook`s history. You want to make sure that all the tools you use are GDPR compliant. Ideally, you also have a data processing agreement (DPA) between you and the platforms you use to ensure that you comply with terms that you both understand and agree to in accordance with GDPR law. These updates will take effect worldwide on May 25, 2018. To learn more about our terms of service and data policy updates, visit the Facebook newsroom. With these components in mind, we`ve developed tools that allow you to share this data on Facebook to get your ads across.

Below you will find details of how intent signals entering Facebook`s systems are used for measurement, targeting and provision, the terms of use and how we protect them. The right to data portability – If someone is to see, under the GDPR, the information an organization has about them, it must be submitted to them. They should always have the ability to see their data. The right to information – GDPR-protected persons have the right to be informed of how their data is to be used. Everything that happens to the data must be disclosed to them. April 2019 – We updated this feature to increase transparency in Custom Audiences from a customer file by displaying the name of the company – including agencies, Facebook marketing partners and data providers – that downloaded and/or used a Custom Audience shared customer file. For more information, see our press release. There are target groups that depend on using first-party data from your CRM.

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