Durand Agreement

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Pakistan has long had tense and unstable relations with its Afghan neighbour, with the two countries at odds since Pakistan`s birth in 1947. The roots of the conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan are, among other things, the product of the controversial legacy of British colonialism in the region. In the nineteenth century, Afghanistan became the plaything of the so-called “Great Game” between the Russian and British empires. When Russia began to take one Central Asian khanate at a time, the tsarist empire, which continues to grow, began to move dangerously near the Pamirs, the country bordering India. To ensure control of the khyber strategic pass, the British had to send diplomat Sir Mortimer Durand in 1893 to negotiate a border delimitation agreement between Afghanistan and British India. The new border, called the Durand Line, divided the Pashtun tribal countries in two. Half of the Pashtun tribal region was part of British India, and the other half remained Afghanistan. Since then, Pashtuns on both sides of the line have viewed the border with contempt and extreme resentment, which also means that Afghanistan loses balochistan province and deprives the country of its historic access to the Arabian Sea. This border dispute has its roots in the nineteenth century, when Pakistan was part of India and India a British colony. In 1893, the British imposed the 2640 km border on afghanistan`s Amir in order to strengthen control of the northern parts of India. The agreement was signed between Sir Mortimer Durand, then India`s foreign minister, and Amir Abdur Rahman Khan in Kabul.

The line is therefore known as the Durand Line and runs through the Pashtun region.

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