Dc 17 Collective Agreement

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(l) Notwithstanding any provisions different from Chapters XXII, XXIII or XXVII of this Chapter, the health, life and retirement programmes approved in those Sub-Chapters shall be subject to collective bargaining in accordance with this Section. (m) If the Public Employee Relations Board makes a decision regarding the appropriate bargaining unit for the purposes of the compensation negotiations referred to in paragraph 1-617.16, compensation negotiations between management and the exclusive representative of the corresponding bargaining unit, in accordance with point (f) of this Section, shall commence. The mayor negotiates agreements on working conditions at the same time as compensation issues. (b) as provided in this Section, the Mayor, the Board of Education Trustees, the Board of Trustees of Columbia University and any independent staff authority, or an association of the above-mentioned “management” with labor organizations (“Labor”) that are authorized to negotiate compensation at reasonable hours prior to the process of forming the District Budget to negotiate in good faith the salary; Wages, health care, grade increases, overtime pay, education wages, shiftwork gap, bonus pay, hours and all other pay issues. No subordinate agency can negotiate a collective agreement. D.C. Bill 16-33, in paragraph (b), replaced by “matters of compensation. No subordinate agency can negotiate a collective agreement for “compensation matters”. (ii) Where the compensation agreement to be negotiated concerns a newly certified tariff unit attached to a new compensation unit, the working conditions or other unpaid matters shall be negotiated at the same time as the negotiations on compensation. A) (i) A party wishing to negotiate a compensation agreement shall send the other party, for a period ranging from 120 days to 90 days before the first day of the financial year, a written invitation to negotiate a remuneration agreement for the following financial year. . .


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