Belvoir Tenancy Agreement

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Otherwise, it may lead your arbitrator not to give a reference or to be delayed. If you do not receive a satisfactory referral from the employer within a reasonable time, your request for a rental period may be refused and you will lose your deposit. Your collaboration with such visits is essential for a smooth lease. If you prefer to be present, please let us know. We will inform the local authority of the beginning of your lease in order to register you for the municipal tax. You are responsible for paying from the beginning of the rental and the local authority will write to you to order you. If you feel like you`re not going anywhere with something quickly and it seems to you that the person you`re dealing with isn`t listening to or fully understanding your position, please write down the name of the person you`re dealing with and email one of our directors, either or Alternatively, call again and ask one of these administrators. You are responsible for paying the invoices according to the conditions indicated in the rental agreement, which may include the municipal tax, ancillary costs (gas, electricity, water), satellite, cable, tv, telephone, etc. If you do not agree with the proposed deductions and we do not reach a satisfactory agreement, the claim will be processed by the DPS Alternative Resolution Dispute Service. As far as you are concerned, the deposit belongs to you and the burden of proof of a possible deduction lies with the owner.

The undisputed part of the acomphement is reimbursed during the application. If we manage a property, there will be opportunities to access the property during the lease. For example: 5 – What is a guarantor? A guarantor is a person who has agreed to “guarantee” the lease and tenants, it is usually a friend of a family member. They are responsible for both the rental income and the obligations of the lease and are also required to sign the contract for this influence. A guarantor must meet the same benchmarks as the tenant to be accepted as the appropriate guarantor. At the end of the lease, we present final meter readings and notify utility companies of the end of your lease. . . .

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