Averaging Agreement Stat Holiday Pay

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Note: Collective agreements may define different methods for copies of resource agreements to be distributed to workers. 3. A work plan in an agreement concluded under this Section may not provide for more hours of work for the worker: housing workers who do not work on a large construction site may have their standard working hours changed by a financing permit or an agreement. 3. Where a worker is not covered by a collective agreement, the manager may decide that a payment made in respect of the termination of the employment relationship, which is not paid under section 64, relieves, to the extent of the remuneration, the employer`s liability vis-à-vis the worker referred to in section 63. 5. The termination and termination obligations of this section apply in addition to the employer`s possible liability to the worker in the event of individual termination under section 63 or the collective agreement. (c) by deposit in a worker`s account with a savings institution, if the worker has approved it in writing or by a collective agreement. 9.

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