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With regard to copyright in films owned by the director (which is separate from copyright, which in the first place belongs to the production company), there has been a change. In the 1997 agreement, the production company guaranteed that it would obtain from the director a transfer of the director`s interest in copyright to the Agency and that it would transmit it to the Agency. Similar formulations appear now, but only in the context of the production company that commissioned a third party to create cartoon characters or models. The Advertising Producers Association was created and represents the interests of production, post-production and VFX companies and publishers who make advertisements. An agreement that covers all the important conditions for the crew who participate in great films with budgets of 30 million pounds or more. If you are asked to work below the maximum rate or outside the terms of the agreement, please politely inform the production that you are both interested and available for the work, but that you should consult your BECTU representative before proceeding. For example, note 1, which appears next to the section on the insertion of parts, states that agencies should give the production company oral authority to surrender as quickly as possible and confirm immediately by e-mail or fax. The Agency should then issue the ad production agreement within 24 hours of this confirmation. What happened: A revised version of the “agreement on the production of television and film advertising” was widely used and replaces the old version, introduced in January 1997. The Advertising Producers` Association conditions for crew who work on advertisements.

The agreement between UK Theatre and Bectu applies to most commercial and subsidised theatres outside London. It is replaced by the words “The Agency is responsible for ensuring that advertising complies with all legal or regulatory content and post-production requirements when it is carried out by the Agency.” The sidebar indicates that agencies should refer to the BACC guidelines, the ITC code and itv`s general requirements for the production and delivery of television advertisements. Why this is important: after seven years, it was certainly high time that the current standard contract was updated. Many of these changes are welcome, including the radical operation of the section on litigation procedure, given that the former “dispute settlement body” has rarely, if at all, been seized of a dispute. One of the disadvantages is that the advertiser`s isBA sales organization has not yet signed and approved this standard form and it is therefore incumbent on agencies that use this form of agreement to ensure that their advertisers are fully aware of the new production working conditions for which they end up paying. The 1997 form was created by the advertising agency`s commercial organization, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (“IPA”), the commercial organization of the production company, the Association of Film and Video Producers (AFVPA) (now renamed the Advertising Producers` Association or “APA”) and the advertisers` commercial organization, the Incorporated Society of BritishVertisers (ISBA). So far, the new agreement has only received approval from the APA and IPA, with the ISBA having to wait to see how the new standard works before taking the train. In the new version, the obligation to make “the best efforts” to obtain a contract has disappeared. However, the production company undertakes to obtain from the third party either an assignment of any copyright that may exist in the Agency or, where an assignment cannot be negotiated on reasonable terms, a licence on the conditions of use of the material in advertisements that the Agency must approve. A similar scheme now applies to cartoon characters and models produced by third parties….

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