Alternative Work Schedule Agreement California

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Topics: Wages, Hour, California, Job Updates Employees may cancel an alternative work week schedule properly adopted by a two-thirds majority of affected employees. In addition, at the request of one third of the workers concerned, the employer must hold a new secret ballot in order to repeal the alternative calendar. In addition, an election must be held within 30 days of the petition, unless the alternative work week has existed for less than a year. An interval of at least 12 months is required between elections, except in special circumstances. An employer may unilaterally terminate an alternative working week schedule without choice, after the work units concerned have been duly informed. Two of the most common AWS in California are “4/10” and “9/80”. Here`s how they work: On the other hand, the court is at Mitchell v. overtime compensation equal to or greater than one and a half times of the worker`s normal remuneration shall be paid for each work exceeding the normal hours laid down in the alternative weekly work agreement and for any work exceeding 40 hours per week. An overtime compensation rate equal to or greater than double the standard rate.

for each work of more than 12 hours per day and for any work of more than eight hours performed on those days beyond the regular working days fixed during the alternative working week. 2. Propose a written schedule to the relevant work unit. The two things we`d like to draw attention to are 1) one and a half times not for employees working on an AWS, AND 2), the fact that it says “properly accepted AWS.” It is true, there are measures that must be taken correctly for a VAA to be legitimate. The DSLE has taken a rigid approach in the interpretation of alternative regulations and work regulations and has limited the maximum daily hours to 10 hours in an alternative schedule, with the exception of health personnel. The LSD bases its interpretation on the language of the Labour Code, section 511, which focuses on subdivision (a) which provides that “on the proposal of an employer, workers of an employer may accept an alternative work week regularly scheduled, which does not allow the work of the workers concerned for a period of 10 hours per day within 40 hours without the payment of. Overtime…. The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DSLE) has taken the position that the maximum number of daily hours scheduled regularly during an alternative work week is ten hours.

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