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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In the solemn zeal of the moment to announce the 10-year agreement between UPMC and Attorney General Josh Shapiro, he said, “All UPMC hospitals and practitioners are now an option for highmark safety.” David Holmberg, CEO of Highmark, said in a statement that the agreement was “a great step forward for our region.” Highmark and UPMC will conclude the terms of the contract in the coming weeks, he said. Will this new agreement change the way UPMC Health Plan does business? No no. UPMC Health Plan will continue to develop innovative, high-quality insurance products for consumers in western Pennsylvania and across the Commonwealth. We continue to strive to provide all UPMC hospitals and providers, as well as many hospitals and municipal providers, with exceptional service and comprehensive network access. The agreement will end federal and regional lawsuits filed by Pittsburgh-based UPMC and Shapiro, in which Highmark intervened. Currently, UPMC has only coverage agreements with Jefferson Hospital in Pleasant Hills and St. Vincent d`Erie Hospital. A UPMC spokesperson said the problem had been resolved collaboratively, and UPMC “recognizes that we were able to reach this agreement with Highmark on a long-term network-based contract.” “Without this agreement, millions of patients – including the elderly, cancer patients and working mothers – would have abruptly ended their care,” Shapiro said in a statement. “Thanks to the patients who told their stories about what they had to lose, Western Pennsylvanians now have access to a fair health care system that is assured for the next decade.” Highmarks The purchase of what is now AHN in 2011 has seriously triggered the rivalry, leading state officials to intervene and mitigate. The result was a five-year contract that provides both network coverage at the other provider`s facilities. The unexpected agreement resolves a bitter and long-running struggle between rival health systems, which has raised doubts about the viability of exclusive supplier networks across the country.

Patients and officials had protested against the threat of interruption of care. “I am proud to announce today this historic colony that restores equity and access to affordable care for the people of western Pennsylvania,” Shapiro said in a written statement. “Without this agreement, millions of patients… they would have abruptly reissued their health care. Community Blue is an attractive Highmark option because of its lower costs, but subscribers knew there was no UPMC access and this agreement will not suddenly open up up up the doors of UPMC. The agreement, which will take effect on July 1, will ensure that Highmark Medicare Advantage and commercial listings have access to 11 UPMC hospitals and affiliated providers in the network. Highmark said it and UPMC will conclude the terms of the contract in the coming weeks. UPMC spokesman Paul Wood wrote in the letter that after the court`s decision, Highmark had secured work on a possible network agreement for specialized care, including hillman Cancer Center, UPMC Children`s Hospital and UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital.

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