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Transfer agents make distributions to investors based on the Registrar`s records. For example, transfer agents send interest to bondholders as well as the face value of their bonds once they have matured. Similarly, transfer agents send cash dividends to equity investors as soon as the companies in which they invest make sufficient profits. This AMENDMENT TO THE DEPOSIT BANKING AND DIVESTITURE ANNOUNCEMENT AGREEMENT (this “Amendment”) will occur as of July 12, 2019 by BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN & CO., a limited partnership organized under the laws of the State of New York (“BBH&Co.” or, if BBH&Co. is referred to in its capacity as deposit bank, the “custodian bank” and bbh&Co. in respect of BBH&Co. in its capacity as transfer agent, the “TA”), and cambria etf Trust (the “Fund”), a public management investment company organized in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on behalf of each of its portfolios, pursuant to the Investment Company Act of 1940. For example, bonds are issued in a multiple of $1,000, while stocks of stocks and investment funds are issued in shares. Meanwhile, unit investment trusts (ITU) are sold in block units.

Transfer agents process all types of titles in book form, in all necessary forms that they must accept. Traditionally, when they bought a security, investors received a physical paper certificate. The issuer undertakes to submit without delay on the portal any amendment to the instrument of incorporation (or instrument of incorporation) or articles of association (or company or partnership agreement) made after the date of this agreement, for use by the agent, which have been confirmed as true, correct and complete as such amendment by an authorised representative of the issuer, and that this change is fully implemented on the day of the certification carried out. It is in force. This Agreement contains the entire agreement entered into by the parties and no warranties, inducements, promises or agreements, oral or otherwise, not included therein, shall have any force or effect. If, for any reason, the provisions of this Agreement are held to be unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect.

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