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A civil obligation arises when two parties agree on the performance of a moral or social obligation, there is an agreement, but there is no contract, but if the parties agree on the performance of a civil law obligation, it is a contract that is legally enforceable in court. Contracts are enforceable agreements through court proceedings. All contracts are an agreement, but not the other way around. Is a tacit agreement between the parties valid or not? Preparation A or conceptual pre-stage of negotiations and negotiations until an agreement is reached. Yes, it is valid. Although there was no explicit agreement between the corpus petitioner and defendant David with respect to legal fees, the facts of the case support defendant David`s position that there was at least one tacit agreement on the payment of legal fees. Reform – Redressing the situation by changing or correcting a written instrument to express the real agreement if, because of fraud, error or undue influence, do not express this true intention Of the definition, we take the distinction between the contract and the agreement between the parties: -is an agreement on the declaration of a common will between the parties. Preparation – all the steps taken by the parties that lead to the development of the contract. The parties have not yet agreed. – those who accompany certain contracts, unless the agreement of the parties represses something else.

2.written instrument that does not express true agreement; one. From a commercial point of view, David accepted the Corpus case, when there was no explicit agreement on legal fees. Perfection – if the parties have come to an agreement or a meeting of minds – statutory recourse, for reasons of public interest, to declare the inefficiency of a contract on the basis of a defect or a defect in consent. The action for cancellation must be commented on within four (4) years. If X doesn`t pay their compensation A and B, A and B and go to S.b. Contracts that are proven orally or orally (i.e. an annual lease) for the assessment of the intent of the contracting parties, their simultaneous acts and their subsequent acts, must in principle be examined (1371). .

Art. 1387. The alleged alienation in creditor fraud must be invoked and proven by clear and convincing evidence – contracts for which the consent of the parties is not expressly granted, but because of the conduct or actions of the parties (i.e..

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