Afm Television Videotape Agreement

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This scale can be combined with your local company`s Limited Pressing Agreement, and the upgrade settings are the same. If you have performed the contract, completed the work, sent the file and received the payment, you submit the contract to your premises with your pension contribution. It is submitted to the AFM Employer`s Pension Fund by the local. If it`s music for a commercial ad, is it a national, regional or local campaign? What medium (television, radio, Internet, etc.)? Are musicians engaged in front of the camera? Details of the contract agreement that ended the septa transportation workers` strike in Philadelphia in November have been leaked. Workers who are members of the local transport workers` union 234 will receive wage increases of 10.5% over the next five years, health insurance payments will increase from 1% to 2.5% of wages, and pensions will increase by 12.8% to 15.2%, depending on the years an employee has worked for SEPTA. The agreement lacked changes to break periods or downtime between the shifts of “tired” workers that had been a topic of conversation. The cost increase of $146 million over five years will be fully absorbed into SEPTA`s existing 10-year budget, without the need for additional public funds or increased ticket prices. Note: The above-mentioned agreements are only summaries of the respective collective agreements. For the actual agreements, please contact the American Federation of Musicians Electronic Media Services Division. We would like to ensure that if the electronic media project includes a symphony, opera, ballet or chamber orchestra and has a collective agreement, you must, at least initially, consult with the Symphony Services Department to conclude the corresponding agreement. The AFM and Local 47 announced that an agreement has been reached with the producers of Amazon`s original series Transparent to cover musicians who work on the show under a union contract. If it is music for a TV show, what kind of show (special variety, talk show, sporting event or theme, documentation, sitcom, awards show, etc.)? On what type of television is the show broadcast (network, basic cable, pay cable, PBS, local television, etc.)? Picrow`s producers quickly agreed to sign the AFM`s television and New Media deal after musicians from the Los Angeles Musicians` Union had late last month publicly asked where the pride lies for musicians, pointing to the unequal treatment between musicians who, unlike all actors, authors, directors, crews and other workers were not covered by an employment contract. The agreement on television and videotape includes work for “videotape programmes” initially broadcast on a broadcasting network or in syndication.

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